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We want to make Mallzee an even better shopping app for YOU! Help us by letting us know what you love about the app, what you would change and what things you’d like to see. We’re also keen to learn more about you: how do you shop? What brands do you love? Tell us everything! :)

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Upcoming Events

We’re always looking for people to come along to our testing events to try out new features and give us feedback about our shopping app. If you are in Edinburgh, come along to one of our events at Mallzee HQ! You’ll get refreshments, a £10 voucher to spend on shopping in the Mallzee app, and there may even be some surprise treats on the night... RSVP below, and we’ll see you soon!

March 5th — Informal testing night @ Mallzee
March 21st — Testing breakfast @ Mallzee
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